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Networking Community

As a member of our startup sportstech community, you have 24/7 access to share your public business profile along with, pitch decks, promo videos, and contact info with peers, executives, and angel investors.

Access To Executives In Residence

There is tremendous value in working directly with angel advisors that will roll up their sleeves to help you navigate your startup journey.   You have access to connect 1:1 monthly with a network of industry executives and angel advisors for sessions on strategy, accountability, feedback, execution, biz dev and possible funding support. 

ELEVATE'22 LIVE! Orlando

As a scrappy startup founder, investor, and career seeker, you may feel like you are on an island all alone at times.  The Startup Weekend hosted in Orlando, FL connects you in person with our community of like-minded founders, industry executives, and angel investors who will give you the inspiration you need to keep going.  

Funding Opportunities

As a member you will have monthly opportunities to virtually meet and pitch to various VC groups seeking pre Series A deal flow and applicants for accelerators and pilot programs. 

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Networking and Business Development Opportunities

  • Access To Marketplace
  • Monthly Programming
  • Monthly Networking Events
  • Leadership Team Strategy
  • Invite To ELEVATE'22 Orlando
  • Introductions a 10% Finders Fee
  • Annual Membership



Business Validation and High Level Networking

  • Validate your market, model, and tech with the public, executives, and angel advisors
  • Interactive monthly group round table introductions 
  • Access to monthly 1on1 office hours with leadership/coaches Mike Scharfenberg, Denise Zack, and Rob Thompson
  • Quarterly demo showcases with executives and investors
  • Practice your pitch with Peers
  • Participate in The SPRINT Pitch Tournaments
  • Brand Awareness / Promotional Support
  • Guest on Startup Stories and Mindset Monday Podcasts
  • Workshop collaboration sharing your knowledge specific to your business expertise
  • Invitation to ELEVATE '22 GamePlanU Community Celebration in Orlando Florida January '22. 
  • Annual Membership

Founders Club


Accelerated Growth/Funding Stage

  • A current subscribed member 
  • VC Group Intro/Q&A's 
  • Pilot Programs
  • Angel Syndicate Funding
  • Monthly 1on1 with advisors/angel investors on strategy, accountability, revenue growth, valuation, and business development 
  • Access to any EIR in the marketplace once a month
  • Access to college remote interns
  • VIP Pass ELEVATE'22 Conference Orlando
  • Invitation to Founder/EIR SPRINT Retreats
  • Business Development Finders Fee
  • One-Time Consulting Fee/ Convertible Shares
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