How We Will Help You Discover Your Sports Career 


Grow Your Sports Industry Network 

You are either just starting out with the discovery of the sports industry or you are at a bit of a crossroads, stuck and not sure what's the next step.  As a member of the Career Connect community of like minded peers, coaches and industry executives your jouney is about the discovery of where you fit in, the exciting opportunities with sportstech startups and building your network and relationship globally.  

Group & 1on1 Career Coaching 

A community of like-minded peers, executives, and mentors is so important for everyone, regardless if you are only starting out or a 20-year executive. Monthly group and 1on1 career coaching call with the leadership team of Denise, Rob, and Mike. On the group zooms, you will have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions, learn from industry executives, grow your network. and discover how to match your interests and skills with a sportstech business.

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Remote Internships & Projects

The GAMEPLAN community of startup founders is typically small scrappy teams who wear many hats and are always on the hunt for interns who can help them with projects in social media, podcast editing, graphics, research, analytics.  Be on the ground floor of innovation and add to your portfolio and skillset by helping founders create how we will watch, engage and consume sports by working on real-life business projects.


Annual Membership Includes:

Online Mini-Course, SportsDream Job Playbook, Monthly Career Coaching, and SportsTech Startup Certification


Sports Industry Networking Membership


As a member you will discover the exciting current digital disruption of sports and be right in the middle of the intersection of innovation, technology and global connectivity to the global leaders in sports.

  • Sports Dream Job Playbook Providing a Guide To Being A Sports Business Professional
  • Access to online Career Mini-Course By Rob Thompson
  • Access to Sports Entrepreneur Courses and Mentors 
  • Monthly Group Networking Sessions with Peers and Industry Influencers
  • Access to 1on1 career coaching with Leadership Team; Denise, Mike and Rob 
  • 24/7 Access to Peer Networking Marketplace
  • Start a podcast and network with sports startups, athletes, and industry executives
  • Monthly Group Round Tables With Industry Executives
  • Developing A Sports Career Mindset Workshop With Life Coach Denise Zack
  • Preparing For Internships and First Job Workshop With Mike Scharfenberg
  • Opportunity To Work On Startup Projects In Digital Marketing, Research, and Business Development
  • Access to remote internship opportunities 
  • Opportunity To Ask Plenty of Questions on Monthly Group Calls 
  • Invitation To Private Facebook Group
  • Three-Month Minimum Membership
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